Community Involvement

AAA Traffic Safety Education Community Involvement Programs

The AAA Oregon/Idaho Traffic Safety Department offers community involvement programs that help spread the word about safe driving, walking, and bicycling for people of all ages. The Traffic Safety Department works with local police departments, schools, and community centers to reach as many citizens as possible. We are willing to work with specific organizations to tailor courses to your needs.


Car seats and child restraint systems save lives, but only if they’re installed correctly and used properly. It’s a sad fact, but most parents don’t install them the right way. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says two out of every three car seats are misused. It’s not surprising since car seats can be complicated. Front-facing, rear-facing, 3-point, 5-point, age, and height restrictions, the latch system…it may seem like you need an engineering degree to use a car seat properly.  AAA is here to help, with resources and information to keep your little ones safe.


"Drivers spend more than half their time focused on things other than driving" — AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Every day, motorists who read or send a text while driving take their eyes off the road for up to 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that's like driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes shut. Texting - along with other activities like phone calls, eating, drinking, setting your GPS or working your car's entertainment system - takes your mind and your eyes off the road. This program is designed to help all drivers understand the risks of distractions and get tips to avoid becoming a distracted driver. 


AAA Oregon/Idaho aims to educate cyclists of all ages and ability levels on how to ride safely. That also means educating motorists on sharing the road with cyclists. Whether you ride for transportation or recreation, please take the time to review our tips for the safest and most enjoyable ride!


Nuestro compromiso incluye apoyo para organizaciones locales dedicadas al bienestar y prosperidad de la comunidad Latina en Oregon y en el sur de Idaho. También participamos en eventos locales donde ofrecemos información sobre seguridad vial y otros temas en español.


AAA RoadWise Driver Online presents practical information on how seniors can safely extend their driving careers and compensate for the physical changes that affect their ability to drive. The course is completed on your own computer and at your own speed. It covers a variety of topics, such as managing visibility, time and space while driving, avoiding distractions and other factors that can lead to inattentive behavior behind the wheel, and the effects of alcohol and prescription medications on driving ability. Visit for more information and pricing.


In 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol program began, allowing students to be active participants in maintaining a safe walk to and from school. Over 50,000 schools and over 500,000 students worldwide have actively participated as members of the AAA School Safety Patrol. AAA Oregon/Idaho would like to encourage all schools to initiate their own AAA School Safety Patrol program. This program equips students with the tools needed to ensure they commute to, from, and around school safely. AAA Oregon/Idaho supports AAA School Safety Patrol programs for students in grades 4-8 by making available for purchase belts, badges, and other items, including the Outstanding AAA School Safety Patroller of the Year award.

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