Foreign Currency

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to keep cash handy for taxis, tips, incidentals, and other situations in which plastic may not be accepted. Before you go, order convenient currency packs or foreign currency of your choice at your local AAA Service Center.

  • AAA offers foreign currency for over 100 counties.
  • Order specific amounts and pick them up just three days later at your local Service Center.

AAA Travel Money

AAA helps protect your next trip with our travel money products. Whether you're traveling around the corner or around the world, you're ready with AAA travel money.
Foreign Currency : Currency are a convenience pack of specially packaged foreign currency. AAA will be selling this foreign currency to you at the exchange rate disclosed on the front of the sealed package. Exchange rates change frequently, and the exchange rate available from other parties for this same amount of currency may be higher or lower depending on the date and time of the sale. Because of the volatility of exchange rates, all sales of Currency are final. Wells Fargo Bank is the supplier of all foreign currency including the prepackaged currency.
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