Foreign Currency

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to keep cash handy for taxis, tips, incidentals, and other situations in which plastic may not be accepted. Before you go, order convenient currency packs or foreign currency of your choice at your local AAA Service Center.

  • AAA offers foreign currency for over 100 counties.
  • Order specific amounts and pick them up just three days later at your local Service Center.
  • Foreign Currency

    Foreign Currency is available for over 70 countries.
  • Currency Orders

    Currency amounts are available for order starting at $200.
  • Locations

    Order your foreign currency at one of our AAA Oregon/Idaho locations.

Foreign Currency Tips

Ordering foreign currency though AAA.

  • Foreign Currency can be ordered in person or by calling your local Service Center. Allow 72 hours for shipping and processing. 
  • Orders must be picked up at Service Center (no mailing of currency available).

  • Minimum order $200 USD. $10.50 Service Fee per order (waived for AAA Premier members).


Traveling with foreign currency.

  • It is suggested to take the U.S. dollar equivalent of $50 to $100 worth of foreign currency per person, per day, to meet incidental expenses. Take precautions while out exploring; carry only the amount of cash you feel comfortable with, and split foreign currency between you and a partner. In some countries debit and credit cards are not widely accepted. 


Getting additional cash. 

  • If you need to replenish your cash while traveling, making a withdrawal from an ATM is often a good option. Keep in mind fees are usually associated with each transaction.


Credit and debit cards.

  • Many cards carry a foreign transaction fee, so it is important to know your cards’ fees before traveling. Cards may be a good way to pay for large transactions and generally provide a competitive rate, which makes them a good complement to cash. Be aware of dynamic currency conversion (DCC) services where merchants convert the transaction to U.S. dollars (the rate of exchange is set at the point of sale rather than waiting for the card’s billing cycle). The merchant sets the exchange rate, which may be higher than the rate set by the issuer of the credit card and could include hidden fees.


Heading home.

  • If you have leftover foreign coins, some airlines and airports will collect these for donations to local charities or you can save them for your next trip!
Foreign Currency : Currency are a convenience pack of specially packaged foreign currency. AAA will be selling this foreign currency to you at the exchange rate disclosed on the front of the sealed package. Exchange rates change frequently, and the exchange rate available from other parties for this same amount of currency may be higher or lower depending on the date and time of the sale. Because of the volatility of exchange rates, all sales of Currency are final.
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